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About Me

My name is Georgia Kelly. I’m not going to lie- I like nice things. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive or fancy schmancy things, but they have to be high quality. Life is too short to choose subpar. We’re here to enjoy life, not live with it with a ‘well, I guess this will do’ attitude. In addition to nice things, I especially love Southern ‘things.’ I grew up in the Carolinas and am charmed by the South every day. I write about cities, hotels, restaurants, shops, things to do, and experiences in general. Once in a blue moon, I may review places outside of the South depending on where my travels take me.

This site is kind of two parts in one. While the reviews are my legitimate thoughts and advice, I also write fiction/humor partly based on true events in my life in Musings and WWSD.  This fiction involves a story or two about growing up and living in the South as well as some definitions to help ya’ll non Southern folks out. ;)

So, grab a coffee or half cut tea, light up that cigar, and just enjoy the site.


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