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My condolences to all the States that don't have Biscuitville ( I hate to call it fast food because it's a step above food quality wise, but it is set up as a standard fast food restaurant with drive through and everything. If you ever visit North Carolina or Virginia, I highly recommend checking it out.

They have all kinds of freshly made biscuit sandwiches and freshly cracked eggs. They also have various breakfast platters. Their eggs are really good and don't have soy, gluten or milk added to them. Most of their food is very close to its natural state (pretty rare for fast food), and it tastes great. I love their coffee (both the regular and decaf). It's a brand called Community Coffee, and it has a nice, roasted chocolate/nut flavor. The people who work there are always incredibly warm and friendly. The one I frequent has a woman at the cash register who could put anyone to shame with her excellent, fast multitasking skills. It's a very popular restaurant, so you may have to wait in the drive through a bit. To me, it's worth the wait.

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