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Decaf can be delicious too

I'm a caffeine-a-holic like many people. Every now and again though, I'll drink a little decaf for good measure. I have yet to find a decaf that is as good as regular coffee, BUT I have found some that come very close. I know it's time for decaf when I start typing faster than a marathon runner. The best decaf is Peet's Major Dickason's dark roast. This decaf coffee comes so close to the real thing that I actually might chose it over regular coffee. The roast is dark, but it's not overwhelming. It's smooth while still being rich, and it's my favorite decaf for real. I try to drink pesticide free coffee though. It's crazy what those pesticides can do to your insides! So, here are my favorite organic decaf coffees. The best organic decaf in my opinion is Buzz Free Decaf from Whole Foods. It's very flavorful, smooth, and full-bodied. It also almost tastes as good as regular but is not for you light roast llamas. Kicking Horse Decaf comes in second place. You don't want to stop drinking it once you take the first sip, but it's just a touch more acidic than the Whole Foods decaf. If you like acidic coffee, you'll love it. It really does have amazing flavor for decaf. Third place is Dynamite Coffee's Unleaded Decaf blend. This coffee is also organic and has really smooth, pleasant flavor. It's mild, and you have to brew it with a lot of coffee to get the strong flavor. It's a fantastic decaf though when you get the right brew. So far, these are the only ones that I think are seriously good. I'm still on the lookout and will definitely post about others if I find more!

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