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cigars and coffee

What Would Southerners Do

A Southerner does not tail people. If anyone is tailing a Southerner, that person must be in a hurry to get back North.
A Southerner does not cuss much around others- unless the others are pets. ‘Get off my god damn pillow!’
A Southerner may exclaim 'I'll tell you what!' ten times a day. 
A Southerner says please and thank you to about any person they encounter.
‘Please pass me the Pimento Cheese, thank you.’
A Southerner always treats people like gold, except when the in laws are in town. 


Jiminy Cricket: ‘OMG!’

Bless Her Heart: Either a sincere condolence or another way to say 'Thank God I’m not her'.

Hissy fit:  a tantrum; "He's pitching a hissy fit because the mower won't start.'

Grits-coarsely ground corn that some people from California won't touch. 

Sweet Tea- The liquor of the South.

Half and Half- An iced tea that is only half sweet (also known as Half Cut).

Unsweetened Tea- Definition unknown. 

LuLu:  The new baby's name (not to be confused with the neighbor's cow)

Hon- A complete stranger. 


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